One day (a long time from now) Dojo will be an app you can use to create 2D games. The aim is for it to be something similar to GameMaker Studio but crafted in such as way to suite my development style and sensibilities.

Dojo is being written in the Xojo programming language and aims to create games for macOS, Windows and Linux systems.


There are countless game engines and game-making programs available already. Some are commercial whereas others are free and/or open source. Many have been in development for years and have well established communities.

I don't care.

Dojo exists because I like creating and I love making tools that allow others to build things. I'm fascinated not by an app's UI but by its innards - what makes it work and how it is architected. For years I've written developer tools in Xojo, many of which are open source. Things like Markdown and DICOM parsers, a physics engine and even my own programming language. I did these things not because they were profitable but because I found them interesting.

For many years I've dabbled with the idea of making a game in Xojo. On several occasions I've even started prototyping a game only to get lost in the rabbit warren of engineering it.

Xojo is not a well known language (which is a shame because it's easy to use and can be very performant) and is certainly not commonly used to make games. I want to change this. I want to create an app that will leverage Xojo to build games. I've christened this app the Dojo Engine and this site will chronicle its development.